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Current Residence: A strange place.
Favourite genre of music: None. I have no personal favorite.
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"Maybe I'll make use of my Deviantart account to further spread the work of my RPG Maker Projects that I've been working on recently..."

That was the thought I had a few days ago, and only now I'm actually doing something about it. Procrastinator much? Sorta-kinda. Haha. Actually, I wasn't going to do anything at all at first, but then said "hell, why not? " I mean I haven't made much noise around here in a while, so I think it's about time I slowly started to kick up some dust.

What's new with me? Nothing much, really. Honestly! I'm on holidays now, so I've found a LOT of free time that I have no clue what to do with. I thought it'd be great at first, but now all of a sudden... BOREDOM. I mean sure, I don't like working all THAT much, but it gives me something to do. Now I'm just playing games and sitting in my own waste while the heat makes me the laziest thing this side of the North Pole...

Not that I'm complaining. I'm enjoying my holidays so far, and I'll be sad when they're over (Monday) =(

Anyway, what I've REALLY been doing for the past few Months is working on an RPG Maker project that I've had planned for quiiiiiiiiiite a while. If you're into the RPG Maker scene you may (may) have heard of the Dragon Fantasy series. No? Well then, go away! You're a terrible person! >=O
No, no. That's okay. I suppose I can forgive you for the time being. We all make mistakes, no? Anyway, the VERY FIRST GAME I completed back in 2007(ish) was Dragon Fantasy. It was an NES-styled game with a terrible storyline, strangely addicting gameplay, and maps that were PASSABLE. At least in my opinion. Strangely enough, some 5-6 games later, it's STILL my most popular game. I don't know why people are fascinated with this entry, but the downloads far exceed that of any game I've made since (even the (IMO) much better sequel!)

Here's a link to the original Dragon Fantasy's Game Page on the RPG Maker Network (RMN):

See that download count? Yeah, in actuality the game has roughly 5-7000 downloads in total. The old FileFront page was lost, and I had to re-upload it, so I lost all of my glorious numbers that day. =\

Anyway, to celebrate the game's popularity and as a treat to both myself and my fans, I've decided to remake it! It's not very far along, but I'm making good progress. I gotta say, I'm fairly proud of it thus far! However, the remake would not feel NEAR as good as it does were it not for the maps that are being provided by Corfaisus of RMN. He's mapping, and I'm doing everything else. Why? 'Cause I'm not a fan of making maps. It bores me, and I just lost all motivation when I get to making them. And then if I DO, they're usually half-assed (sadly).

I leave you good people with a link to the remake's Game Page on RMN! So I hope to keep you folks updated from here on out,


Dragon Fantasy REMADE Game Page:
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